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Loen Skylift is located in Loen, Stryn, in the Nordfjord region, in Fjord Norway. 

By car

Loen Skylift is located right beside road nr 60 in Loen Village, 10 minutes from Stryn, 2,5 hours from Ålesund, 4,5 hours from Bergen and 6 hours from Oslo by car.

Main parking at the Fjord Shop, at the foot of Loen Skylift. In case it fills up, there are more space on the other side of the road and in Loen village centre, 500 meters from Loen Skylift. 

By plane

The nearest airports are Hovden and Sandane, both operated by Widerøe, with direct flights to Oslo and Bergen. Ålesund is 3 hours away by car, and has direct flights from the biggest cities in Norway, and London, Copenhagen and more with SAS, Norwegian and KLM. Bergen International Airport is 6 hours away. 

Airport shuttle
In cooperation with Hotel Alexandra we are providing an airport shuttle from Hovden, Sandane and Ålesund whole year round. 

By bus

Public bus stop in Loen

Bus stop “Loen”, in the centre of Loen village, 500 meters from Loen Skylift (see map).

Timetables: Wherever you are in Norway, you can dial 177, and ask your specific question related to travel facilities, where and when. Your phone service provider may charge extra for calls to 3 digit numbers. Opening hours for Sogn og Fjordane county is daily from 10:00-20:00. 

Rental car

Avis, Stryn. Tel. +47 57 72 50 80. Hertz Stryn. Tel. +47 419 22 885


Stryn Taxi: +47 57 87 23 50. Olden Taxi: +47 950 86 146 


General tourist information services: