Until May 27th 2019: All types of aerial sports from Mt. Hoven are temporarily prohibited.

Guidelines for flying from Loen Skylift have been developed by the aerial community. Loen Skylift is not responsible for the safety of the aerial activities, this is each individual athlete’s responsibility. Please respect the guidelines. Not following the guidelines may cause confiscation of ticket. 


  1. Safety first

  2. No flying under the Cable Car when it's moving

  3. No flying close to the Cable Car (wires, cabin and mast)

  4. No flying under the Via Ferrata bridge (Gjølmunnebrua)

  5. Do not proximity fly the Via Ferrata when there are climbers - 25 meters rule.

  6. Landing Zone: Do not land in the garden of the hotels without permission from the hotel management.

  7. Landing area is the big field behind Loen Active base camp, next to the river (see map).

  8. Do not pull your parachute above buildings

  9. Packing area: at the landing zone or harbour

  10. No packing or packingmats allowed in the garden of the hotels

  11. Remember, you are an ambassador for airsports when flying from Mount Hoven

Landing area

Landing area