What is the ticket price? The full price list is found here, including family tickets, multi-day tickets etc. 

How often does the Skylift depart? Loen Skylift departs minimum every half hour, but adapts the departures to number of guests. Especially in the main season it run continously. Our opening hours are found here.

What are the opening hours on the Skylift and the restaurant? On this link you will find full overview of opening hours and prices.

Are there hiking possibiliies on the top of Mount Hoven? Yes, several kilometres of marked and signposted hiking trails are available from Mount Hoven, for all levels. 

Is there a minimum age to go in the Skylift? No, everyone can do it! You can bring your baby stoller as well (no extra cost). 

Can I bring a stroller? Yes you can. Loen Skylift and all associated buildings are adapted to this. A stroller is free to bring in the skylift

Is it suitable for wheelchair users? Yes. The entire facility is universally designed, and thus adapted for wheelchair users.

Is it possible to access the Via Ferrata Bridge from Mount Hoven? No, you have to walk the Via Ferrata from Loen Village to get to the suspension bridge. It is located at approx. 750 m.a.s.l. Please contact Loen Active for guided tours. 

How long is a day ticket valid? A day ticket is only valid on the date you scan your ticket (not 24 hrs).

How is the weather today? On our live page you'll find webcam, our weather station and the forecast. 

Can I bring my dog? Yes, you can (see price list). If you want to enter the restaurant, the dog should be left outside. For the sake of guest and grazing animals, we ask that the dog be kept on a lead (mandatory between April 1st and October 15th).

How do I get from the Cruise Port in Olden to Loen Skylift? Book the excursion onboard, or book transfer operated by Olden Adventure. The transfer is only 5-10 minutes. 

Can I drive a car to the top of Mount Hoven? No, the road is closed by a gate at Oppheim, and is only for construction workers and in some other cases by appointment.

Can we walk to and from Mount Hoven, and how long is it? The gravel road from Hoven to Oppheim is 7-8 km long. The descent/acent is approximately 700 high meters. Parts of the way down you can walk on paths. From Oppheim you must follow the asphalt road back to Loen (about 6 km, about 300 hight meters). You can order return transport from Oppheim from Loen Active, or have a car parked there. In case you are parking at Oppheim please note the parking fee (NOK 70). Hike description is found here.

Where can I charge my electric car? You can charge your electric car in the Hotel Alexandra garage, ground floor, 500 meters from Loen Skylift. Field no. 5, 7, 9 and 11. You can charge maximum 52 kWh per 24 hours, 10A fuses. Price is NOK 2,- per kWh.

Why is the fjord and Lake Loen Lake so green? The inner part of the Nordfjord and Lake Loen is green because it contain clay particles and rock dust, carved out by glaciers and swept along by rivers. The glaciers are continuously crushing up rocks and stones. When the glacial water reaches the lake and the fjord, it looks green, especially in sunlight.

Still have questions? Send an e-mail to post@loenskylift.no or call +47 57 87 59 00, or ask on Facebook