Environmental considerations are important to Loen Skylift, and we chose a system that utilizes the most environmentally friendly technology for this type of installation. A pendulum utilizes the effect of weight equalization between the two cabins and is therefore very energy efficient. All operation, other than backup, is electric. All transport of goods and personnel goes through the cable car, to save time, money and emissions.

The hiking trails are designed to control traffic, to avoid terrain wear, prevent erosion, and facilitate more physical activity. The trail network is a common good that benefits both locals and visitors. Further development of the hiking trails is an important priority area for the future as well.

The project is locally owned, and strengthens Stryn municipality and the region as a place to live, work and visit. New and long-term whole-year workplaces are created in Loen Skylift and in primary suppliers such as Hotel Alexandra, Loen Active, Utmarksressurs etc. Based on analyzes, the project will create at least 50 permanent workplaces and an increase in annual turnover of approximately NOK 100 million, with an additional increase in tax revenue. The goal is to distribute traffic beyond major parts of the year.

Primarily local and regional companies have been a part of the development of the Loen Skylift project, which also has increased activity and turnover among contractors and subcontractors. During the development period, at least 100 FTEs were spent (ref. report PwC 2017).

Loen Skylift complements the destination products and opens for extensive cooperation with other companies and organizations. Hopefully the measure will lead to new establishment and growth in existing businesses. In addition, there are repercussions like people moving here, and an increase in demand for consumer goods and services. A focus on year-round tourism will be very important for further growth and safe workplaces.

We focus on recycling as much as possible through the systems available in our municiplality. Paper, plastics, food waste, glass, metal packaging, EE waste etc are being recycled.