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PRESS COVERAGE (a selection)

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10.10.2018: While I’m Young: 6 Unmissable Attractions in Olden, the Norwegian Fjords
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24.07.2018: Dove/Viaggi Corriere: Lamborghini avventura Norvegia
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03.07.2018: The London Economic: Norway Tours: 5 Fresh Ideas for your Trip
12.05.2018: The Guardian: 20 of the best Nordic summer holidays
22.04.2018: BlogCalatorii: Norvegia: Via Ferrata Loen si lacul Lovatnet
03.04.2018: (BR) Sobre as montanhas de Loen
30.03.2018: Pure momenten in Fjord Noorwegen
14.03.2018: National Geographic: Fjord Norway: Visit One Of the World’s Greatest Landscapes
06.03.2018: De steilste kabelbaan ter wereld in Noorwegen
02.01.2018: De mooiste fjorden van Noorwegen
20.11.2017: GoNomad: Norway's Skylift brings the Joy of the Fjords to anyone
02.10.2017: Sunday Times/ Great Drives - Norway's west coast
22.09.2017: 10 Reasons to Visit Western Norway
20.09.2017: TheTravelMagazine: Fjords of Norway Guided Walking Holiday
01.09.2017: Norvegia: Norvegia: la funivia più ripida del mondo, la nuova attrazione da non perdere
29.07.2017: The Daily Mail: The only way is up - and up: A stunning 3,300ft cable car ride during a hike in Norway's fjords
10.07.2017: Trazee Travel: Loen Skylift opens in Norway
30.06.2017: USA Today: The world’s 10 best cable cars
29.06.2017: Mercury News: Worlds most spectacular skyways
27.06.2017: Avinor: 3 must-have experiences in Norway this summer
15.06.2017: Trip Reporter (UK): Walking the fjords of Norway
20.05.2017: The Royal House of Norway: Opened one of the world's steepest cable cars
15.05.2017: Travel Weekly (US): Loen Skylift set to open in Norway
11.05.2017: The Guardian (UK): Travel photo of the week: Sea-to-sky gondola, Norway
11.05.2017: Getaway for Grownups (US): Loen Skylift
10.05.2017: Frommers (US): World's steepest tram...
08.05.2017: Group Tour Media (US): Loen Skylift goes from fjord to mountain in 5 minutes
06.05.2017: Bergens Tidende: Fekk opp himmelheis i rekordfart
06.05.2017: Heis til himmels (abo.)
05.05.2017: Bli med på gondol-tur med 360-kamera
05.05.2017: Meir enn to av tre kroner går til lokale bedrifter
05.06.2017: Bli med på toppen av Hoven (video)
05.05.2017: National Geographic (Poland): Norweskie fiordy jeszcze bardziej w zasięgu ręki. Wkrótce otwarcie nowej atrakcji turystycznej
02.05.2017: Food & Travel: Reaching new hights
19.04.2017: Travel Market Report: Skylift Alights Over Norway’s Fjords
04.04.2017: Fjordingen (video): Til topps i gondol
29.03.2017: Teknisk Ukeblad: En av verdens bratteste gondolbaner : – Nesten som å ta heis 1000 meter rett opp
20.02.2017: Snowindustry News: New Hoven Cable Car - From Fjord To Mountain In 5 Minutes
20.02.2017: Travel Report: Brant linbana invigs i norska Loen: 1000m från fjord till fjäll
19.02.2017: InTheSnowMagazine: World's steepest Cable Car yet to open in Norway
18.02.2017: Ny brant linbana i norska Loen
16.02.2017: AWOL: You can cross this terrifying bridge in Norway, if you want
13.02.2017: Elsewhere: Norway debuts one of the world's steepest cable cars
11.02.2017: Vagabond (SE): Nya kabinbanan i Norge tar dig från "fjorden till skyarna" – på bara 5 minuter
10.02.2017: Lonely Planet: Norway’s new and very steep cable car will take travellers from ‘fjord to sky’ in five minutes
09.02.2016: Motorhome Full Time: World's steepest aerial ropeway to open in Norway
01.02.2017: Six Continents
22.01.2017: Hardanger Folkeblad: Her realiserte de gondol-drømmen (KB) 
16.01.2017: Cruise & Ferry: Nordfjord set to open new Loen Skylift in May 2017
21.12.2016: Gler seg til dronninga kjem på besøk
20.12.2016: Dronninga kjem til opninga av Hoven Loen
20.12.2016: Dronning Sonja opnar gondolbana Hoven
12.12.2016: Garaventa AG inn med nye 25,7 mill i Hoven Loen
05.12.2016: Trur Hoven blir eit turistikon
15.11.2016: Dagens Næringsliv: Gedigent spleiselag bak ny attraksjon
15.11.2016: Bygger for en kvart milliard i luften
09.11.2016: Merkedag for pendelbana i Loen
07.11.2016: Kabelvognene på plass i gondolbana Hoven Loen
21.09.2016: Her kommer snart Vestlandets nye turistmagnet
31.07.2016: Monterer mast - med 1000 meter rett ned
29.07.2016: Luftig framdrift på Hoven (abonnement)
09.06.2016: Under arbeidarane stuper fjellsida 1011 meter rett ned mot Loen
18.05.2016: Her bygger dei den første norske gondolbana på 54 år
21.03.2016: Fjord Norway: Spring news - Spectacular new attraction & adventure arena opens in Loen
17.03.2016: Over 30 nye aksjonærar på plass i går - ventar opning mai 2017
10.03.2016: Alt er i rute - opnar i mai neste år
05.01.2016: Kunne tatt masse bestillingar
23.08.2015: Ny pendelbane skal sette Loen og Nordfjord på verdenskartet
29.09.2015 Fjordingen: Klare for Hoven-signering.
29.09.2015: Har nesten 100 mill. til taubane
29.09.2015: 93 millionar til taubane i Loen
09.11.2015: Fjordingen: Garaventa AG blir medeigar i Hoven Loen AS
03.05.2015: Spektakulært utsyn over Loen

(The list is not complete)