Wednesday June 26 in the afternoon, the youth choir Respons from Emblem near Ålesund takes visit Mt. Hoven. At the top there will be a concert with gospel and more on the program. The choir releases their new album these days.

About the Youth Choir Respons

The choir has members aged 13-20, and today they are between 50 and 70 young people who gather for rehearsal every Monday. One goal is to give young people the opportunity to develop musically, creatively, socially and humanly. The activity is choral singing, soloist panel, a 5-man band, 6 young people who work with sound and light technology, as well as multimedia. Music styles and arrangements are mostly made by themselves. A large part of the choir's repertoire is written by choir members and musical director Arild Berstad, who two years ago was honored with the King's merit medal in silver for his efforts with the youth choir Respons.

The style ranges from anthems in a youthful style to gospel, pop and jazz rock and some more experimental music with a mix of different styles. An adult team of 5 volunteers has the main responsibility for the choir. Respons provide an important leisure offer for young people in Ålesund and the surrounding area. The choir has performances and concerts in Norway and abroad. For several years, the choir participated in the “kjempesjansen” (the big chance) at NRK TV together with former choir member and conductor Birgitte Velsvik. During AaFK's home matches, you hear the choir when the AaFK anthem is played.

Respons has a number of performances throughout the year. In November 2014, they had a concert in a fully booked Parken Kulturhus, when they suported one of the world's most famous Christian bands, Leeland. In the fall of 2016, the choir had support for none other than Samuel Ljungblahd, who had a wonderful interpretation of "Joyful, Joyful" during the prince wedding in Sweden in 2016. Respons has this song in their repertoire. In the fall of 2017, the choir was warming up for Kevin Max, a devoted vocalist in DC Talk.

Respons april 2019.JPG