Sled Rental

Try our fast-paced sledges at Mount Hoven. Rentral of sledge and helmet included.

In winter you can enjoy the free and fun sledge slope at the top of Mt. Hoven for an adrenalin rush. Bring your own equipment or rent a sledge from Loen Active. Remember that a helmet is required. Sledging season is usually from December to April, depending on the snow conditions.

After spending time in the snow, enjoy the view from Hoven Restaurant with something to eat and drink before returning to the lowland with Loen Skylift.

Regarding sledging on the road to Oppheim/Holme
All activity on the road to Oppheim is at your own risk. Check the avalanche bulletin, show consideration and adapt your speed. You may meet hikers, skiers, machines and people on snowsledges along the road.

Please note that the construction road ends at Oppheim/Holme, and that there is 7 km left back to Loen Skylift. Parking at Holme (fee).


Guidelines Sledding

Sledding include a certain risk, so we have made som general guidelines for visitors at Mount Hoven. 

Equipment when sledding

  • Alpine boots is prohibited.

  • Goggles are recommended

  • Helmet is mandatory in the action slope

  • The rider coming from behind needs to be cautious

  • Follow guidelines and signs

  • Make sure you have control over the sledge

  • Find out how to handle brake and turns

  • Speed increase risk of accidents

  • Racing and mass start increase the risk

  • Do not stop in the middle of the slope during a downhill descent

  • If overturn occurs, step out of the track

  • Only one person per sled, unless you accompany small children.