Wonderful hiking trails are waiting for you as you arrive to Mt. Hoven with Loen Skylift. All trails with magificent views of the fjord landscape and Jostedalsbreen National Park. Choose between easy short hikes and more challenging full day hikes. The trails are waymarked and signposted by international standards. High quality and sustainability are key factors. 

Guided tours are offered by Loen Active

Season for hiking at Mt. Hoven: May/June-October/November (depending on snow conditions).  

Remember to stay safe, and read about safety in the mountains.

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1. Gjølrunden - 2,2 km / 120 metre climb

This round trip takes you into a spectacular and dramatic landscape, with a panoramic view of Lodalen and Oldedalen valleys. There is a 170-metre ascent on the first part of the walk, with stone steps on the steepest stretches. Furthest east, you will walk close to the edge of Tungegjølet gully, but you can walk on safely by sticking to the path. Views of the fjord, mountains and glacier at the highest point. You will see the mountains near Sunnmøre in the north and Jostedalsbreen National Park in the southeast. The path continues west through alpine terrain. Here you continue on a gravel path that takes you back to the start at Hoven.


2. Mount Skredfjellet - 2 km one way / 155-metre climb

This route has great views of the fjord, mountains and glaciers and is suitable for all age groups. There is a gravel path from Hoven to Skredfjellet. Some short steep stretches. After a while, there is a view of the fjord and the great valleys towards the Jostedalsbreen glacier. When you reach the ridge, you can see the Sunnmøre Alps in the north and Mount Gjegnen in the west. From the top, you can see the Nordfjord, which is 106 km long. You can glimpse the Skålatårnet tower, 1,848 metres, in the east. Oldedalen valley surrounded by glaciers can be seen in the south.

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3. Hoven - Skredfjellet - Hoven - 7,9 km / 523-metre climb in total

Round trip over Skredfjellet mountain via Oppheimssætra summer pasture farm and back to Hoven. Parts of the route pass along an alpine ridge that offers a panoramic view of the fjord, mountains and glacier. About halfway, you will reach the idyllic Nøkketjønn tarn. Maybe you would like to have a swim with the Nøkken troll? The walk continues down to Oppheimssætra before turning back towards Hoven on a gravel path. The walk can be done in both directions. 


4. Mount Årheimsfjellet - 6,3 km one way / 340-metre climb

A walk in undulating alpine landscape, with fantastic views of the fjord. You will see more and more mountains and glaciers in the distance as you walk. Large parts of the route are along a mountain ridge. Follow the gravel path to Skredfjellet mountain and on to the narrow alpine path down to Nøkketjønn tarn. From the crossroads at Nøkketjønn, you continue walking in gentle mountain terrain towards the top of Årheimsfjellet. Return by the same route or via Oppheimssætra and along the gravel path back to Hoven.


5. Staurinibba - 2.7 km one way/379-metre climb

The peak of Staurinibba is 1,379 moh. You start the walk on a well-maintained path past the north side of Tungegjølet, a steep narrow gully that ends down at Loen. You will walk close to the steep mountainsides, but can safely continue walking on the marked path. There is a steep ascent to the top on the last part of the walk. The trail is well maintained all the way. The reward that awaits you is well worth the effort – an impressive view of inner Nordfjord.


8. Holme/Oppheim - 6.6 km one way/720-metre descent

Easy hike on the forest road with 720 meters descent. Great views of the fjord, Olden and Oldedalen Valley. Below Oppheimsetra summer pasture farm, hikers can alternatively follow a marked path through the forest (2.5 km shorter) or continue on the forest road. Feel free to visit Oppheimsetra. From Oppheim, it is 5.1 km back to Loen, and it may be best to organize transfer back to Loen. Please note that there is a parking fee (NOK 70) at Oppheim in case you bring your car there.