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For 20 years, a bunch of dancing ladies that love lincedance have met on a fixed day of the week in shared joy of dancing. This is to be celebrated, and they have therefore invited other dancers from far and near to a weekend filled with dance. The celebration will end on Sunday with a dance performance at Mt. Hoven. They are delighted to show the joy of dance, and not least show their guests what Stryn has to offer.

About Stryn Linedance
Stryn linedance currently has about 30 members with an age range of 12-75 years. The dance form is suitable for everyone; young, old, fit and not quite so fit, women and men. In linedance there are different degrees of difficulty. The team dances in all genres such as cha-cha, jive, tango, waltz, and charleston to both traditional dance music and modern pop and rock.