Saturday, February 23, Loen Active and Loen Skylift invite you to a guided walk on Mt. Hoven. The event is free for all guests at Loen Skylift.

There will be guided hike along a lighted route. Being out in the mountains after dark creates a certain mood. We meet on the mountain station’s 1st floor at 6 pm. Those who want to go by themselves are welcome. The hike will take about 1 hour. Everyone can participate, but children must be accompanied by an adult.

Participants should bring warm clothes, gloves, hat, good shoes and a headlight.

Hoven Restaurant serves from the a la carte menu until 9 pm.

After the hike we go into the Hoven Restaurant, and relax by fire place. Those who want can buy a hot chocolate, something else to drink or dinner.

Welcome to the mountains!