On September 7, Hilde Selvikvåg will perform a concert at Loen Skylift. Hilde Selvikvåg is from Jæren and has quickly achieved great success with nomination to the national music award Spellemannsprisen and several major radio hits. With her catchy pop songs such as "Carousel", "Indie" and "Anemone", she has sneaked into many hearts and has become one of the most played artists on Norwegian radio.

For the time being she is promoting her second album "Fanga heile verden", and is now on a nationwide tour where she will perform on unique and distinctive places in Norway, which she has always dreamt about playing. Loen Skylift was on the list of these wanted concert venues.

Her heartfelt performance, and the beautiful view over Western Norway as a backdrop, this becomes a completely unique combination.

The concert is included for all guests at Loen Skylift.

Welcome to a magic concert experience!

A la carte is open until 9 pm, and the bar is open until midnight. Last ride up at 11 pm, and last ride down at 00:30.