Photo: Alfredo Gardica/Wikipedia

Photo: Alfredo Gardica/Wikipedia

Astronomers promise a beautiful sight when the century's longest total moon eclipse occurs Friday. The total eclipse starts at 21.30 and lasts until 23.13. The moon will probably get a beautiful red color. The eclipse on Friday will be a particularly impressive sight, both because of the duration and because the moon is low above the horizon.

From Mt. Hoven the moon will probably appear sometime between 10:20 and 10:45 pm. This depends on the mountain formations where the moon goes up. 

It's 105 years until the next long-lasting total moon eclipse occurs. 

At the end of Friday's total eclipse, the planet Mars emerges just below the moon, which many say will be the the main highlight.

Loen Skylift runs the last cable car down at 23:30 this evening, so no you have the chance to see this moon eclipse from 1011 m..a.s.l.

NB: Last departure up is at 22:00.