Guidelines for flying from Mt. Hoven have been developed by the aerial community. Loen Skylift is not responsible for the safety of the aerial activities, this is each individual athlete’s responsibility. Please respect the guidelines. Not following the guidelines may cause confiscation of ticket. 


Mount Hoven is a regulated launch-site according to «Sikkerhetssystem for hanggliding, paragliding og speedgliding NHB-E» (Safety system for hang-, para- and speedgliding in Norway). A valid hang-, para- or speedgliding licence as well as accidentand 3rd party insurance are compulsory when flying in Norway.


Launchable directions at Hoven are E through S to W. The launch site towards E>S is on the east side of the gondola and have been specially adapted for airsports. The launch-area towards S>W is on the west side of the restaurant.

This launch site is demanding because of the form of the terrain. When launching towards S>W, launch areas higher up, are recommended. Follow the road 300-400 meters upwards from the upper gondola station. On the left side of the road are some, more forgiving and suitable, launch sites.

PLEASE NOTE! On days with strong thermal activity, rotors will be present on the launch sites at Hoven and it may become very turbulent. Collapses can be expected both for paragliders and speedgliders.


  • Make yourself well-acquainted with the location of the gondola cables. Keep a safe distance from cables, buildings and other installations.

  • Show consideration and maintain a fair distance from other users of the area when top landing. Landing on the roof of the Hoven Restaurant or close to any installation or pathway where people are present, is prohibited.

  • Flying under the cables and close to the gondolas is also prohibited.

  • Maintain a safe distance from the via ferrata and the via ferrata bridge. Flying under the via ferrata bridge is prohibited. Make sure that you do not disturb those climbing the via ferrata.

  • A strong sea-breeze is typical for the area in the afternoon in summertime. Check the wind-direction at the landing site while you still have the altitude to change your direction of landing, the conditions might change.

  • Base/wingsuit-fliers have their «exit» on a ledge below the Hoven Restaurant and their landing in the park at Hotel Loenfjord. Show consideration towards these at the launch and when flying on the west side of the gondola.


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  • There is an established landing site at Loen (see picture). Use the area marked «Landing».

  • Avoid flying at low altitude over houses and the main road. Landing in gardens, parks or at the parking places in Loen centre and at the Loen Skylift, are not allowed without a special permit.

  • In the growing season it is important to avoid unnecessary use of the landing field. Gather up your gear and walk directly to the roadside to pack.

  • Cars may be parked at the marked area along the river. Use the parking-space at the Loen Skylift if needed.

  • A wind sock is located at the main landing. Pay close attention also to flags and pennants in the area in order to note changes in wind-direction.

  • It is prohibited to camp at the landing-area or parking-area alongside the river. There are several camping sites available in the vicinity.


The altitude limitation in the area is 2591 m asl. (see map Norway CTA 49). When flying south or west one will approach SOGN NE TIA where the altitudelimitation is 1372 m asl.

Detailed airspace information can be found on this link.

For your own safety, relative to other air traffic, it is recommended to notify Sandane Lufthamn, AFIS tlf. +47 57869422 of daily air-sports activity before flying is commenced.

Please be careful, respect the rules and do not put others in danger. Violation of the local rules may result in you being banned from Loen Skylift and reported to Norges Luftsportforbund.

Important messages to hang-, para- or speedglider pilots will be given on 154.175 MHz.

Emergency numbers: Police: 112. Ambulance: 113.

Local club: Fjordane Luftsportsklubb
Facebook: Fjordane Luftsportsklubb